Dear Bride-to-be,

You’re probably here because a friend recommended me or some search result threw me up. Either ways if you’re looking for just a wedding photographer, I’m not the guy. Don’t get me wrong I would like to work with you, but before that I’d like you to know me a little better.

However, I won’t be explaining my style of photography because I don’t think photography styles can be put in words. They need to be understood. See it for yourself.

Truth be told, I don’t shoot too many weddings. I pick and choose only a few because I’m not in the habit of shoot and burn. I spend time selecting images from thousands, followed by a second and third selection before finally shortlisting images that are meaningful. The other reason I don’t take up too many assignments is because I get involved every step of the way from taking calls, to home delivering the final album. I also spend time processing images to match my vision to give you a carefully put together and designed wedding album. So when you work with me, what you get is a Handmade Wedding, shot, designed and envisioned by me.

I have more than 10 years of experience shooting Indian and International weddings. Four of which were based out of Prague. I’ve shot couples from all over the world, Greek, Israeli, Slovakian, Czech, Russian, British, American, Singapore and Australia. For a little over 3 years now, I have been based out of Sydney, I am reduced weddings but up for an interesting couple shoot or a portrait shoot.

I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to choosing people I work with. Because as I become a part of their life, they become a part of mine. I don’t see them as clients but friends. Which is why I only work with great people. By great I mean, people with stories, qualities, character and a heart of gold. It doesn’t matter if it’s a love marriage or arranged, a mixed cultural or an inter-religious wedding, a destination wedding or a rural wedding, a hall wedding or an outdoor wedding. Once I take a liking to you, I like every single frame I shoot and invariably you’ll end up loving your wedding album. 

You can read my reviews here and here. Most clients become friends after the wedding, and we keep in touch. For instance, I know that the first bride I shot has twins and lives in Prague.

These days there are tons of photographers offering numerous packages and styles. I’m not one of them. I’m not dictating conditions either. I just want you to know who I’m not.

I stay away from shooting posed candid photos, people looking straight into the camera, group shots wearing sunglasses, riding a bullet. There are some photographers who do that but most of the so called candid photos are not really candid at all. That’s not even story telling! How are these template shots even relevant to you as a bride? Rest assured, you won’t find clichés with me.

I don’t shoot random, unplanned Couples Shoots. I work with couples to recreate memories and moments that mean something to them. Look at my work and you’ll know what I mean.

Weddings are a turning point in people’s lives, they are sacred. When a bunch of photographers barge in and start shooting at random I feel they destroy the sanctity of the event. I prefer shooting with just one other photographer. We do our best to plan our shoot in advance so we capture the essence of the wedding. After the shoot, I personally select the best photos, postprocess them and design the album. I limit the number of weddings I shoot because I love shooting and want to keep it that way. I’d really like to shoot an Indian wedding in Black and White. But it’s a hard decision to take because of how vibrant they are. Anyone’s up for the challenge?

If we are on the same page with expectations, mail me (I prefer emails (over phone conversations)as first level contact because I’m unable to take calls on assignments). Don’t forget to prefix the subject line with “Ahoy” as in, “Ahoy – Wedding on December 24th”. It’ll let me know that you’ve taken time to go through my site and maybe even fetch you a few brownie points.

Note: At the moment I am not taking any wedding assignments but happy to chat about portrait or couple shoot.