Indian wedding couple portrait

11 Best Wedding Photographers Sydney

Bride and groom photo after wedding Sydney

In this article, I aim to provide some guidance on selecting a photographer for a wedding in Sydney, by shortlisting some of the photographers. The best fit for your wedding will depend on your priorities and the rapport you establish with the wedding photographer during your interactions. Choosing a wedding photographer is indeed a crucial element in planning your special day.

My approach towards wedding photography

The approach I prefer for wedding photography is capturing the moments as they occur, without disrupting the sanctity of the wedding day. The better you are at being invisible as a wedding photographer, the more successful you will be. Although I do take some posed photos, they are rare occurrences. These are mostly the must-have group photos of the wedding. The wedding day is a narrative that should be told candidly, as it actually happened. Otherwise, the entire event could be staged and become more like a movie et than a genuine experience. I understand that some might enjoy this staged photography approach that captures everything the way they like it and posed , it’s just fine but its not my cup of tea. So my selection of wedding photographers might have been influenced by my approach. Also, I don’t believe a wedding photographer needs to be based in Sydney for a Sydney wedding.

Photography is an art form that goes beyond owning a fancy camera or using the latest editing software. It requires a unique blend of technical skills, creative vision, and personal qualities to truly excel capturing wedding ceremony and related events.

Indian wedding couple portrait

Note 1: The items in the list are not arranged in any particular order and are not meant to be ranked.

Note 2: I am not actively taking any wedding assignments. Please browse through this section of wedding photographers in Sydney and make your pick.

1. Kristen Cook

Love the grains! I like how some of the photos are black and white and how the grains are used. They are based out of Melbourne.


2. Lei Lei Clavey

Bride n Groom

3. Kelly Tunney

Bride groom in car

4. Amelia Rushforth

Portrait of bride and groom

5. Bayleigh Vendelago

Wedding couple

6. Damien Milan

7. Captured by George

8. This day forward

Bride and groom flowers

9.Van Middleton

10 Alice Mahran

11. Teneil Kable

In conclusion

Selecting the best wedding photographer may not be as daunting a task as it seems. Look for the styles of photo capture and the presentation of photos that suit your taste and it will be relatively easy. Keep in mind that the venue and location is not to be weighted in this, consider things like blurry image, sharp image, candid moments, posed photos, conceptual images etc. Good Luck!

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