Saneesh photo

That’s me along with my cousins, the one in the middle looking straight into the camera. My parents didn’t own a camera, so our photo collection came from extra prints from friends and family. I wish we had a camera and had more memories frozen and saved for ever!
I understand the value of a photo, and I understand that special moments make it PRICELESS! (like this one is to me.)
Back then I was staring at the camera not knowing anything about shutter speed, F stops or lenses; it was a magic machine which created wonders. After all these years of professional photography, I have worked with the camera extensively, I still think it’s a magic machine that can freeze moments into beautiful memories!

I was born in India to the backdrop of South West Monsoons (Edavappathi); I grew up in Kerala’s rich cultural heritage. After my bachelor’s in Engineering, I travelled to many countries and have lived in cities like Los Angeles, Boston, Delaware, Bangalore, Cochin, Chennai, Prague, Singapore and now Sydney.
I am a Photograher by choice, Filmmaker at heart and a tech by profession. I have 10+ year photographing weddings and portraits. I been in Software Industry for almost two decades and I have written and directed two feature-length movies.

I enjoy photographing people, everyone is different and has a variety of emotions ! Weddings are one of the most wonderful things to witness on Earth; people are so happy, and the place is filled with amazing energy and emotions! Weddings are beautiful! Every wedding has its story and I try to capture it with my photography along with its vibrance.